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The point of using a web analytics platform like Google Analytics is to make decisions based on its data, whether that be your website, mobile websites or apps.

If you are performing conversion rate optimisation (CRO), campaign performance or customer journey analysis, its critical that your web analytics’ data is as accurate as possible, so as you can trust your results.

Digital Analytics Support can ensure you trust your analytics, by providing consultation and auditing of your Google Analytics setup.

Google Analytics Consulting Services


An Audit determines if your existing Google Analytics implementation contains any issues.

The audit includes an extensive review of Google Analytics tracking scripts, account settings, conversion goals and filters.

An audit document is provided with recommended solutions to all errors or problems found, and we will ensure they are properly fixed.


Digital Analytics Support will review and discuss all aspects of your Google Analytics implementation with relevant stakeholders in order to identify all key performance indicators (KPIs) and reporting requirements as well as the technical possibilities and limitations.

The result is a Scoping document that provides an overview of how the Google Analytics setup should be structured to meet your needs.


Based on the results of the Scoping phase, Digital Analytics Support will provide an Implementation Guide with tracking scripts and code samples, and support your company’s IT resources throughout the implementation process.

All configuration of Google Analytics accounts such as the setup of conversion goals, filters, custom reports, dashboards and linking of AdWords accounts is managed by Digital Analytics Support.


Digital Analytics Support provides consultancy and support services in most areas related to Google Analytics.

This may involve help with migration to Universal Analytics, setup of Enhanced E-commerce tracking, defining KPIs, analysis and interpretation of collected data and help with ongoing reporting or monitoring of important data.


A Google Analytics training is tailored to your needs and delivered on location.

All training is based on your company’s Google Analytics account(s).
This makes discussions such as “which reports works best for you”, or “how Multi-Channel Funnels can help you analyse your campaign’s ability to support conversion”, more relevant.

Google Tag Manager (GTM)

Google Tag Manager is a user-friendly tool that simplifies the process of implementing and managing tags and code snippets such as tracking scripts, conversion pixels and remarketing tags on web sites or mobile apps.

In conjunction with a well-defined Data Layer, GTM becomes a powerful tool – not least when implementing Google Analytics.

Digital Analytics Support provides GTM consultancy, support and training services and can help your company implement and manage Google Tag Manager and GTM Data Layers.

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